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Greek gods armed with mythic monsters are launching a final all-out attack on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter this week in an effort to restore Faith in the Greek Pantheon.

The new game MONSTROUS finishes on Kickstarter on July 9 and its packed with mythic Greek monsters bursting out of cards to get at the Faithless mortals. New Australian game publishers Good Games Publishing and designer Kim Brebach from Secret Base Games have teamed up to release MONSTROUS to a global audience.

Monstrous funded in just 1 week, is getting great reviews for its innovative tactical dexterity gameplay and deluxe production, and has already included a kickstarter exclusive version of the 19 card Legendary Monstrous expansion through stretch goals. Now they are trying to RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!

So what’s different?

Picture a typical board game being played. Players lean over a table covered with boards and cards and pieces. They are deep in thought. It’s all quiet concentration and wry laughs.


MONSTROUS is a tactical dexterity game featuring deluxe art from ancient Greek mythology. Players are wrathful Greek gods who stand and move around the table, literally throwing monster cards down at large ancient Greek location cards seen through god’s eye vistas, trying to restore Faith in the Pantheon. The tactics come from unique powers on the monster cards, and how they combine with powers on locations and other monsters they hit.


“Monstrous combines the childlike joy of throwing monster cards, with all the cerebral cunning the Greek Pantheon can muster,“ said designer Kim Brebach, from Sydney based game design group Secret Base Games.

“It really draws attention at public events because people are so actively having fun. They tend to shout out successes and rail at their failures. Its good fun to play and watch,” said Kim.

right on target PAXAU 750


And now the Australian team behind Monstrous want to RELEASE THE KRAKEN on Kickstarter as part of their Legendary Monstrous expansion stretch goals.

“This Kraken is an epic 9 card puzzle card. It makes a colossal image but you separate it out to throw it in the game. This is a showcase piece every gamer will want.” said Kim Brebach, designer of Monstrous. 



Mythic archaeology

Monstrous features stunning art of mythic monsters and ancient locations painted up from archaeological ruins for an authentic touch.

"My archaeology degree was put to good use in art directing location illustrations. Many of the cities have been painted up from mapped city ruins of from Archaic Greece, which preceded the great temple building era of classical Greece. It was really satisfying for us to re-create a mythic vision of ancient Greece" said Kim.

Childish inspiration

Inspiration for MONSTROUS came from fond childhood memories, and the desire to introduce kids to more social board games. It has proven a hit with kids and adults alike.

"I loved Greek mythology when I was a kid; the epic story books, the movies, the gods, heroes and monsters. And the first game I can really remember loving was flicking collectible football cards at each other to win rare cards in primary school. It was a craze kids made up themselves. I wanted to combine those awesome memories with a much more modern style of game where players have a purpose and cards DO things" said Kim.

"When I walked into a class of 10 year olds at my local school to test the game, I asked them if they knew anything about Greek mythology. Half of them pulled out Percy Jackson books and jumped out of their seats in excitement. I suspected I was onto something" said Kim.

Monstrous has been designed so kids and adults can compete on an even footing.

“I’ve been beaten by a 10 year old with a passion for Percy Jackson and a good throwing arm” said Kim Brebach. 

Game details

Rules take 5 minutes to learn. But the many combinations in the game keep you coming back for more. Each game uses a subset of monsters and locations for different scenarios. The game evolves into a riot of monstrous mayhem, revenge and opportunity for epic point scoring throws.

Monstrous is for 2 – 5 players ages 10 and up and takes about 30 minutes to play. It includes 60 deluxe monster cards, 11 large location cards, 5 player aides, 5 player boards, 56 Faith tokens in different sizes, a quickstart guide to get you going in a few minute and a detailed rule book.

By the time the kickstarter campaign is done it may include some colossal extras too.

Designer and publisher

Monstrous is designed by Australian game designer Kim Brebach of the Secret Base Games design collective in Sydney Australia.

They are partnering with Good Games Publishing - the new publishing arm of Australia’s largest chain of game stores; Good Games.

“We are excited. We have a chain of over 20 friendly and social game stores. We distribute games to many more. But we have always wanted to make games too. And now through the crowdfunding and marketing power of Kickstarter, we are able to make deluxe games that reach a global market immediately,” said Scott Hunstad of Good Games.

MONSTROUS kickstarter launch

Monstrous sinishes on Kickstarter in on July 9 for US$29 with free global shipping.



Kickstarter: for full campaign details, videos and reviews.


Designer - Kim Brebach. Ph. +61 403 991 079

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Skype: kim.brebach 
Timezone: GMT +10 (Sydney, Australia)

 Publisher - Jaime Lawrence. Ph. +61 2 8084 2556


Timezone: GMT +10 (Sydney, Australia)






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Rampaging through stores in early 2016.

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