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SCYTHE: a 10 step guide to a Kickstarter boardgame Revolution.

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This is Red October. The Revolution has been planned for years but today it begins in earnest. Supreme Leader Stegmaier​ launches SCYTHE. Kickstarter is groaning under the weight of diesel powered mechs from another time and dimension trampling across it. Owning it. And the masses flock to their master's cause. 

I predicted to Jamey that this would be the first true boardgame to break 10K backers. I was wrong - this may go past 20K! I use the revolutionary analogy here on purpose. At the risk of sounding like a fanatical ideological fanboy, Stonemaier Games are reshaping the way board games are brought to market.

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Packaging your game when using Send From China

As a kickstarter creator handling fulfillment yourself it’s VERY important to understand your packaging options with Send From China - as a few creators who have used SFC have recently discovered. Read Brian Henke's excellent write up of his experience with SFC on Jamey Stegmaiers excellent blog.

SFC handle a large volume of direct mail sends through various shipping and post partners they broker good deals with through sheer volume. They handle all sorts of goods. Games are just a tiny % of what they do.

SFC ship out most single items in bubble wrap envelopes of various sizes. BOXES ARE NOT STANDARD, they are OPTIONAL. SFC are pretty clear on this – as I was in my third post.

But some creators have recently sent out games in bubble wrap without realising this, and finding large boxes are suffering some high damage rates.

This creates headaches all round. So what are the solutions?

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Do Kickstarter early birds really get the worm?


The upside of controversial Kickstarter early bird discounts, usually a limited pledge tier with a 10 - 20% price discount for the first 24 or 48 hours hours or the first 250 backers etc, is that they can ensure funding goals are reached within a few days and an instant buzz is generated for your hot project.

There is a cost to early bird rewards, and I'm not saying I support them. But lets not underestimate how appealing they are to first time creators who have slaved away at their thing for years and built up a nice stockpile of 'will I fund / what if I have a bad first 3 days and start on a trajectory to failure' angst. I share that angst and some of the temptation. But many wise kickstarter heads say "Kickstarter projects are the early bird". So should creators use early bird rewards?

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