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SCYTHE: a 10 step guide to a Kickstarter boardgame Revolution.

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This is Red October. The Revolution has been planned for years but today it begins in earnest. Supreme Leader Stegmaier​ launches SCYTHE. Kickstarter is groaning under the weight of diesel powered mechs from another time and dimension trampling across it. Owning it. And the masses flock to their master's cause. 

I predicted to Jamey that this would be the first true boardgame to break 10K backers. I was wrong - this may go past 20K! I use the revolutionary analogy here on purpose. At the risk of sounding like a fanatical ideological fanboy, Stonemaier Games are reshaping the way board games are brought to market.

I know what you are thinking. It would be easy to point to "Minis!!!" as the primary driver here. But I'm not convinced this is a true Kickstarter miniatures game. It is a GAME enhanced with some mini pieces. To be completely frank I think the core mech sculpts could be improved as some look way cooler than others. Yes there MAY be more or better minis in stretches - but its not been overtly promised as part of the value proposition like most miniatures games do, so the drivers are different. Yes minis help, but there is so much more going on here.

Lets take a brief look at what is working for this exemplary Kickstarter game campaign.

10 steps to the SCYTHE Revolution

  1. The Stonemaier Games name and strategic marketing savvy. 18+ months of planning. Presence on the BGG hotness list for ages now.
  2. The most evocative and unique alt real theme I've ever seen. Its familiarity is part of its appeal.
  3. The name; SCYTHE. It's mysterious, evocative and delicious to say and sweeps away all before it.
  4. Incredible art, graphic design and components including a mech miniatures, a deluxe isometric map, and many other deluxe pieces out of the box. Jakob Rozalski created an alternate world Stonemaier Games has made a portal into it. Together its a vortex.
  5. The extras - the bigger board, the realistic pieces, the art book all designed to make you want the completionist's special version via Kickstarter.
  6. The 4X game mechanics are a good fit for the theme.
  7. The promise of a deluxe, deep and re-playable gaming experience like Risk on an opium bender of epic proportions.
  8. A project designed for maximum engagement and growth. There are no barriers to backing this. Just look at the glorious kickstarter page and its flow. Check in daily for the stretch goal updates! Talk about it, talk about it more!! NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!! Sit back and enjoy the ride this campaign promises.
  9. A great video - although why the American accented narration? The audience would love a not too cheesy eastern euro accent with a mech full of gravitas here.
  10. Affordable shipping. The Revolution is coming to the masses wherever they are and they are loyal to the Dear Leader because of it.

Surely 75% of gamers on planet earth want to experience all of this. It says something that I was disappointed that one of my game buddies backed this before I did... while I'm low on cash!

So what brings you to the Revolution?





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